Why Duterte is succeeding: Energy in the executive

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WHY is President Rodrigo Duterte succeeding with his administration and gaining in popularity after 18 months in office, while his predecessors mostly faltered or were even petrified (Aquino 3rd) while serving much longer at the job?

I will answer this with the single word which the great Alexander Hamilton said is the secret, the sine qua non, of effective government: energy.

While Duterte is the oldest to serve in the Philippine presidency, and his presidential time has been short so far, DU30 has been a dynamo (a force or power) in office.

He has launched more reforms and programs to change the tone of government in the country. He has shaken up the bureaucracy and fired more governments officials (including many whom he appointed) to check corruption and raise the level of government efficiency. He has appointed a powerhouse team of economists and technocrats to design and lead an ambitious economic program to take the Philippines to the heights of economic productivity and modernization. He has faced down and defeated a full-blown IS-inspired rebellion in Mindanao. Now, he’s shifting focus to liquidating once and for all the 48-year-old communist insurgency. And he has dramatically changed the thrust and priorities of Philippine foreign policy…Read More Here>>

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