Pres. Duterte, Nagdiwang Lang Ng Nakapasimple Ngayong Bagong Taon Sa Kanyang Bahay Sa Davao

President Rodrigo Duterte surely has a lot on his mind during the holiday season this year. Aside from national concerns he has to attend to, his own family has also been involved in a number of issues prior to the holidays. First, a lot of netizens found fault at his granddaughter Isabelle Duterte‘s lavish pre-debut shoot at the Malacañang Palace. Then, Isabelle got into a word war with his own father, Presidential son Paolo Duterte. Shortly after this issue, Paolo Duterte resigned from his elected post as Davao City‘s vice mayor, much to the public’s surprise.

Through all these, President Rodrigo Duterte continues to earn the approval of his fans and supporters with a simple New Year’s celebration.

In the photos circulated by a number of pro-admin Facebook pages, Rodrigo Duterte was photographed wearing a simple T-shirt. In fact, he was simply wearing red jogging pants and a white shirt that says “DU30 No To Drugs.”

He was also seen spending the New Year’s Eve with the younger batches of the family. Notable is the President’s photo with grandchild Kitty Veronica Duterte, with whom a lot of netizens also had word wars with.

Even Media Noche served in the Dutertes’ house in Davao City seemed very simple, sticking true to the Duterte family’s character and image from the campaign period.

Meanwhile, all around the Duterte residence, the New Year was welcomed without any firecrackers, for Rodrigo Duterte himself banned it in the city 17 years ago, as the city’s mayor.

All around the country, it has also been reported that firecracker injuries went down 40% from last year.

Source: tnp
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