Why Pro-Duterte bloggers support the president despite being anti-Marcos? Kaya pala!

It is not unknown to many that some of the people who support President Rodrigo Duterte all out are not in favor of every decision he makes, and has made. One of which is the president’s cordial treatment to the Marcoses.

This is mainly because as depicted in our history books, the Marcos family is the biggest plunderers of all time with its head as the great dictator: the former Philippine president who rigidly implemented martial law, the late Ferdinand Marcos.

While some agree to disagree whether or not the late president’s family should be held accountable for the crimes they have done in the past, others don’t really mind if the incumbent president holds high regard for, and is lenient in dealing with, the Marcoses.

In a Facebook post, International Relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot, blogger of For the Motherland PH, asked an intriguing question in one of her recent Facebook posts.

In the said post, the blogger asked if others will still ‘stand behind and fiercely defend Duterte’s decision’ who allowed the burial of the late president Marcos to the Hero’s Cemetery or the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB) despite being an anti-Marcos.

The president’s supporters were quick enough to comment on such. One of them is the appointed Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy who said:

Source: facebook, thetrumpeteer
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