Sumumpa ang CPP/NPA na papabagsakin si Pangulong Duterte sa 2018

The Communist Party of the Philippines has recently said that its goal for 2018 is to see to it that President Rodrigo Duterte falls.

“The NPA must intensify guerilla warfare throughout the whole archipelago, launch tactical offensives against units of the AFP, PNP and attached paramilitaries, as well as punitive operations against the worst plunderers and corrupt officials, political and crime associates, and death squads of the Duterte regime,” said the CPP.

The CPP released this statement as they celebrated their 49th anniversary this month.

They added that with their 50th anniversary coming next year, they plan to “build the broadest united front to overthrow the US-Duterte regime and its rule of fascist terror.”

The CPP also said that the Filipino people is suffering because of the Duterte administration, and they encouraged members of the “peasant movement” to stage more demonstrations in 2018.

“Mass struggles have been carried out by workers, homeless people, jeepney drivers, students and other sector. Duterte’s plan and maneuvers to establish a fascist dictatorship have baan met with increasing mass demonstrations over the past few months,” added the CPP.

It is also said that the CPP Central Committee is trying to increase the number of its branches and groups in rural areas.

They also said that they would better their tactical plans and increase training amongst their members.

They will also train more young people and those from basic sectors.

“Let us train more and more Party cadres and promote young cadres by conducting a thorough and comprehensive study and training program,” it said.

Source: GMA News Online
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