WATCH: American kid tells Pres. Duterte “don’t let the bad guys take your spot”

President Rodrigo Duterte’s name has been circulating in international headlines in the past few months he sat as president, even forming a fan out of a little american girl.

Little Mary had her video message to the Philippine president posted online , gathering several views.

The little girl asked Duterte not to give up on being a president.
“If you give up, and don’t protect the world, then all the people in the country will be killed.” she said.

She was also well aware of the voting turn out in the country telling Duterte that “everyone wanted to pick you”.

“You’re the best president ever,” she said.

She was also aware of the conflicts between Duterte and the opposition, and told hime not to give up.

“Don’t let the bad guys take your spot.” she said.

For months now, the President has been dealing with conflicts from several key members of the government, mostly with members of the Liberal Party.

Watch video below:
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