WATCH: Mayabang na driver, pinagmumura at pinagsisipa ang isang taxi na may pasaherong mga bata

From Tina Chua:

“At around 5pm today aboard a taxi bound for SM North EDSA we noticed a very loud and non stop honking of horn from the back of the taxi while we were about to turn right to SM. We had no idea that the driver (man in green) of the WHITE MITSUBISHI ADVENTURE with plate number TOO 261 was very angry at the taxi driver. The white vehicle intentionally waylaid the taxi 4 times while the driver is shouting inside his vehicle. He told the taxi driver that he was angry because we were tailgating the ambulance in front which was 2 vehicles in front of us.😧😧😧

Inside the cab with me was my 60 year old mom,1 year old and 5 years old sons,we were very afraid of whats been going on, he got off his vehicle and started shouting and kicking the door at the driver side. When he got off we fear that he might be carrying a weapon or anything to harm any of us .This very arrogant, feeling superior, domineering person cursed and shouted at the poor taxi driver who remained very calm and polite totally opposite to what this person acted.👏👏👏

After arguments the man in green tried to ask for apology still in a very arrogant manner..thats why we told him that we will not accept his apology and should learn his lesson. What he did was Violence againts Women and Children..because he still acted very wild eventhough he saw who was inside the cab. He even asked me if I’ve been driving to not understand where is coming from,I said “NO! but that doesnt excuse you for acting inappropriate,rude and nasty.”

I am available to give my testimony whenever the poor taxi driver needs my help.

Now all I know is that people like him shouldn’t be granted a license to drive because I personally think he has anger management issues…we shouldn’t be throwing our baggage at other people no matter how heavy they are. Regardless of what the person did that got into your nerves it is unacceptable to be abusive.

Now you see for yourself if he acted appropriately, people like him could learn their lesson the hard way.

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